5 most wearable Fall Fashion Trend!



The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and it’s time to feature our Fall 2017 FASHION TRENDS!

This fall we’ve pound over sites, fashion shows and magazines to find the most wearable fall fashion trends of 2017.

Your grandmother’s sofa.

What’s not to love about flowers?

Floral prints have been in style for a couple of years now. But the new twist this season is that the florals are more vintage and bold, the colors have more 70’s feel to it too…resembling your grandmother’s sofa prints.

Then these florals are not limited to the tops and kameez’s only but the trend has been seen in pants and shalwars as well.

  1. Plaids and checks

By far this is the most visible trend of the fall which can be further extended all the way to the 2018.

This trend is not just seen on the Pakistani design houses but have also been seen throughout fashion stores and runways worldwide ( or do we say it’s the other way around!)

The designers have created the print in bright colors , feels sort of like taking a bit of summer with us in the fall.

From plaid shirts to plaid pants…designers are mad about plaids.

Red: the official color of fall 2017

Red, no Power red, is THE color to have in your closet and the fall fashion trend to embrace this season! If attention is your goal, red is your color! If wearing all red is out of your comfort zone try adding a few red accessories to your outfit to pull off the trend.


Sometimes color disappear for a while and then they make a comeback once again…this time it’s the color brown.

Brown being such a neutral and versatile color and there is a shade to suit every skin tone. The golden skin tones of our Pakistani beauties can benefit from this hue immensely.Layering browns also looks very sophisticated and chic

Flat line

The pattern we see other than the checks and plaids are stripes. Stripes can be seen all the way from the thicker ones to the thinner pinstripes. This pattern is seen not only on the upper half of the attire but pulls all the way down to pants and shalwars. Pants with thin stripes not just look fashionable but classy and polished as well.