Wes Ball the director who directed the famous adventure film based on the best-selling novel The Maze Runner has been roped in to direct a new Planet of the apes film, the new film will be the fourth film in the franchise.  

According to recent reports it has still not been confirmed that if the new film will be a reboot of the older films or will it be continuing the story from the previous part of the film which features Andy Serkis motion performance character Ceasar who leads the monkeys to war with human beings. Well it is currently unknown what will be shown in the upcoming film.

Fox studios had the rights of Planet Of The Apes until Dinsey took all rights from them and Planet Of The Apes franchise was one of the main film in the deal which will now be produced under Disney that is one main reason we cannot say anything about the upcoming part. The deal had also included films like X-men which will now be seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Planet Of The Apes franchise is based on the 1963 novel by Pierre Boule and the film was casted in 1968 which followed a remake in the year 2001 which starred Mark Wahlberg however the latest franchise started in 2011.

Well this is all we know will Wes Ball be bringing us masterpieces just like Matt Reeves did with the last two films.