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WhatsApp new Feature Will Mark Messages With Fake Links in Red

Whatsapp inc online short text messaging app become very common but many spams messages become viral by fake links and stories.  anyhow Whatsapp has introduced the  new feature which will red mark fake and spammy links. WhatsApp becoming the hub of fake news, the company has waged a war to fight the plague, with new features and updates coming in to curb fake news. The latest feature is that it will alert users of fake news forwarded within groups. WhatsApp will automatically check the authenticity of the website links that are being shared through the new ‘Suspicious link’ feature.

This new feature makes when moment a user receives a link to a website on WhatsApp, the app will do a background check of the link and will mark the message with a red label.

Whatsapp Fake links checking features make easier way to find our spammy and fake links  with this latest step in WhatsApp’s fight against fake news, this feature adds to features like blocking unknown senders, preventing people from adding others in groups they have left, demoting group admins, group members restricting members from sending messages in a particular group and the forwarded message label, which lets a user know if the message he/she received is a forwarded one.