Mikaal Zulfiqar Khans and Armeena Khan are going to star together in the movie Sherdil. The movie’s making is in process and it is expected that the movie will be out in no time. We asked Mikaal, about how he felt about the role and this is what he had to say about it.

“ Every kid has a dream to fly a plane, and I think my dream has come true through this movie, Well Actually I won’t be flying one but yes the best part is that I can sit in one as a passenger so that’s almost a dream come true for me, Im really looking forward to the role because it’s kind of heroic and romantic, it looks really fun, I think that this movie is going to be a milestone for Pakistani movies, and this movie is not only going to be shown in Pakistan, its going to be shown in almost 40 different countries with different languages, Some of the part is also going to be shot in Egypt and we”ll be going to Egypt in the end of February, we should be done by the shooting by the third of fourth quarter of this year, Im really pleased with the movie and also the cast I just cant wait for the movie to release, The movie is called Sherdil and it’s going to be EPIC.”

The Lead roles are going to be played by Mikaal Zulfiqar Khan and Armeena Khan.

The film revolves around the story of Mikaal being a pilot and has shown the times of 1965.

The film is being directed by Asfar Jaffri who previously helmed Parchi, the film is being Made by Nkpictures, and yes! We have a great crew for the movie, Ricky Butland is the Cameraman and hes been a part of of some great Hollywood projects such as Star Trek and Fast And The Furious, Special effects are gonna be done by Hollywood’s Scott Newman, these information tell us that this movie is going to be LIT.

The film is gonna have some serious action with aerial dogfights making it look more than awesome, to be honest I can’t wait for this movie, looks like its gonna be Call Of Duty in the air.