Kristen Wiig who will be playing the role of Cheetah looks amazing form a new still from the film Wonder Woman 1984. Uptil now the makers ha not showed any full transformation pic of Kristen Wiig however we have only seen her as Barabara Ann Minerva and Patty Jenkins the director of the film also revealed that Kristen Wiig would be seen as a friend of Wonder Woman but due to some events they turn into foes.

We will be seeing Wonder Woman battling it off between Cheetah and Max Lord the two main villains in the film, Patty Jenkins said in a statement “It turned out that the story was the thing that gave birth to the need for both, It wasn’t that I thought I needed both. Cheetah was the villain that we were focused on having in this movie, but then Max Lord, throughout the history of Wonder Woman comics he serves a very mechanical purpose, often,”

During shooting of the film Gal Gadot had received some spine injuries and the actress has a tough time while shooting for the sequel. The film was first scheduled to release in 2019 however due to some changes in plan it was pushed back to a June 5,2020 release. Once again the release of the film has been pushed back to August due to the Coronavirus outbreak which has grasped the whole world.”

Wonder Woman 1984 has been facing some serious issues regarding its release date however the film will now be hitting the theatres on 14th August 2020.