Pakistani supports were saddened by the rain on Friday at Bristol restricting both the teams to their dressing rooms and debarring a likely point for the green shirts. As the World Cup proceeds, ominous black clouds in England have started to make their way into the news instead of a Cricket match. Before anyone could cheer in the stadium, clouds rumble above to drench all the fun. It’s absolutely frustrating for the cricket fans whether in front of TV screens or at the stadium to see all the excitement being ruined by the rain.  

Match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka abandoned on Friday.

So it happened again yesterday in Southampton for South Africa and West Indies match. The second rain washout in four days left both teams with one point each. South Africa avoided the defeat for the first time in this tournament. Cricket is a rain sensitive sport and when downpours occur on the field, it happens to be unjust to the strong side to lose one expected point.  

Yet another crucial match between Pakistan and Australia tomorrow looms in vulnerability of another rain strike. And this seems to go on and on. More upcoming matches are threatened by the lightening and showers.

A bothered Pakistani fan in Bristol looks towards the heavens.

In this scenario, ICC looks totally unprepared without any plan B. It seems like ICC had no pre-match arrangements in case showers may cause interruption and postponements. Did ICC consult the British Meteorological Department before reaffirming the venues or schedules? If not, at least they may have approved alternate days or venues for the abandoned matches.

Weather hits another match at Southampton between the Windies and S. Africa.

Today’s match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is another rain delayed match. It’s not confirmed where the match would end. Now if ICC has organized the World Cup in a rainy season, then who else to be questioned for such disruptions? At the moment, it’s really obscure that how ICC would cope with the situation as more rain predictions pour in before every next match.