The filmmaker, singer, actor, director, and producer behind several trendsetting songs and productions Yasir Akhtar has produced another masterpiece called ‘Azaad’. The film ‘Azaad’ premiered on 30 May 2020 on Aaj Entertainment. The film captured the hearts of audiences all across the globe and has also been released on social media. ‘Azaad’ is a step up for Pakistani content and its Pakistan’s first-ever film to have a premiere on a satellite channel. Film ‘Azaad’ is a joint venture of Motion Content Group and Yasir Akhtar’s company Pegasus Productions.
‘Azaad’ is high in production quality. The plot of the production is a breath of fresh air for our television. Many Pakistanis migrate to England for a better future – like the family shown in this film. Due to their sheer hard work, they became respectable citizens of England. Azaad is the story of such expatriates who live in the United Kingdom but Pakistan remains in their heart. Parveen Akbar was, as usual, at her best in the film and played the role of a struggling mother effortlessly. Shot in London, Momal’s performance is immaculate in the film sans over-the-top melodrama.
Yasir Akhtar started his career as a child artist and in teen days he started appearing in popular drama serials of PTV Network. But his performance in ‘Azaad’ made us realize he must keep appearing on our screens because he has always been praised equally as an actor as he has been as a singer
and director. We loved Momal Sheikh and Yasir Akhtar’s romantic scenes. Especially the scene on Trafalgar Square in London. Momal looked ravishingly beautiful with her natural make up and winter attire.
Akhtar has a long list of music albums and singles which he has been releasing for almost three decades, first as a vocalist of his popular musical group ‘The Arid Zone’ and then as a solo artist. Superhits like Kabhi tu Yoga Mera Milan, Jogi, Chandni, Aey Sanam, My Love, Teray Naal Dil, Zara Man ko Dekhna, Sansani, Take it Easy and many more. This time, Akhtar has performed a Sufi song which is ‘Saiyaan’ – OST for ‘Azaad’ in his enchanting vocals with soulful melody.
As a director and producer, Akhtar is also considered to be a launching pad, he has given breaks to many artists like Humayun Sawed, Shamoon Abbasi, Fakhr-e-Alam, Shehzad Roy, Armeena Rana khan, Tooba Siddiqui, Nadeem Jafri, filmstar. Zara Sheikh, Javeria Abbasi through his productions in the past. The newcomers in ‘Azaad’- Gagan Chopra, Imran Ali Asad and Hira Tahseen had promising appearances and they did full justice to their respective roles. London has been beautifully captured by director of photography, Hayat Khan.
The background music by Aabid Omer is extremely powerful and it enhanced the scenes impact throughout the movie. Film ‘Azaad’ is a joint venture of Motion Content Group and Yasir Akhtar’s company Pegasus Productions. Akhtar is a pioneer of the Pakistani private media and pop industry. He has been producing quality work for the last three decades. Yasir Akhtar is a pioneer of our media industry, he has given so many ‘first ever’ to our media industry such as Music Channel Charts, French Toast, Tapal Cinema, Jayen Kahan Armaan, Mera Ghar Aik Whirlpool, Sard Aag and more.
In the recent years, he has released single like Sansani, Take it Easy, AsslamuaAlaika Ya Nabi(SAW), these songs took his profile to BBC Music. Each one of his projects in the past has uniqueness. In ‘Azaad’ he has infused
elements such as tragedy, suspense, thrill, and mystery, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the two-hour run.
After producing so many groundbreaking productions in Pakistan, Akhtar shifted to Manchester, the United Kingdom in 2004. He continued with the film, media, and television business through his Pegasus Productions. Yasir produced projects in affiliation with the top British Asian stars like Apache Indian, Sahara Bhangra Group, Stereo Nation, and more. He also organized the first-ever Pakistan Parade in Britain, 2004 with the help London High Commission.
Yasir Akhtar is a game-changer and he has been producing quality work in Pakistan as well as in the United Kingdom.
‘Azaad’ will also start a new trend of films premiering on our television screens. But this film is just the beginning of many more to come from Yasir Akhtar and his new brand ‘Multinational Films’.