karachi se lahore star Yasir Hussain is all gear up for something really exciting and keeps his fans abreast about it through different posts on social media.

The actor has shared a video on Instagram and told his fans that something exciting is coming soon.

The video shows Hussain in a disguise of a reporter, Maqbool Khan. Along with the video, the actor has also shared a caption.

“Kya aap log maqbool khan reporter #1 ki madad karengy ????? Plz karen #comingsoon #maqboolkhan #reporternumberone.”

To know more about this Reporter No 1 we talked to Yasir Hussain, who shared some exclusive details about his upcoming project.

“I can’t tell you much about the project except that it is a new chit chat show coming soon on Hum TV and I’ m hosting it,” he said.

He further added that it is a weekly show and is expected to air in February. The character of Maqbool Khan is also going to be the part of it.

So now we know what this buzz all about is and we are definitely looking forward to it.

After the tremendous success of Lahore Se Karachi, Yasir Hussain has shifted his focus on television. His currently on-aired play, Shadi Mubarak Ho, on ARY Digital with Kubra Khan has been quite popular among masses. He has also signed Yasra Rizvi’s directorial debut film, Senti aur Mental. He has recently hosted several television awards and has been busy in recording is all gears up to host an interesting show on Hum TV soon. It will go on air on Feb