At a press conference in Arts Council, which was held earlier today, KopyKats Productions’ revealed and discussed their upcoming project Naach Na Jaaney- a prequel to the very famous play Aangan Terha.

At the conference, writer Anwar Maqsood, and director Dawar Mehmood shared the reason behind their upcoming project.

Maqsood said that the director of the play badly wanted him to create another part of the play. However, Maqsood, deeming it impossible, decided to come up with a prequel instead.

“The director of this play was after my life for years to come up with a part two for [Aangan Terha], which I said was impossible. So we decided to do one thing… instead of making a sequel for this story we made a prequel.”

The new story is going to take a head start from Akbar’s character and will discuss why a classical dancer like Akbar (lead character) came to Aangan Terha as a cook.

“The story is based on the 10 years that Zia-ul-Haq was in power.”

Speaking about the casting, Maqsood was all praises for Yasir Hussain’s acting. “I haven’t to this day complimented someone to their face, but Yasir has played Akbar’s role in Aangan Terha, and he played this role very well. So Yasir will play Akbar’s role again [in the prequel].”

He also shared that approximately 11,000 people were auditioned out of which 9000 were surprisingly women.

On the other hand, Dawar kept applauding the new producers on board. He said, “A lot of credit goes to Shah sahab, because handling Yasir is difficult, handling me is even more difficult and handling Anwer Sahab is impossible. He managed three people in one project, and that too, such a combination of people.”

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Naach Na Jaaney will premiere in Arts Council on March 1st.

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