Zain Afzal

Yasir Hussain’s loss is Zain Afzal’s gain!

Senti Aur Mental is an upcoming Pakistani romantic–comedy film directed and written by Yasra Rizvi under the production banner of Harkat Pictures as company’s debut.

The film initially starred actor-comedian ‘Yasir Hussain’ however Hussain opted out of the project due to date issues.

Zain Afzal of (Maya fame) is now on board as the main lead.

Speaking exclusively to Celebdhaba Zain revealed important details about his character:

The name of my character is ‘Saad’ the plot revolves around a wedding with guest attending the festivities from all spheres. I play a guy from Scotland, who meets this girl ‘Paras’ played by (Yasira Rizvi). Things gradually unfold between the two and how their character interact with each other is shown beautifully. ‘Senti Aur Mental’ is a romcom which emphasizes on family values and emotions.

The festivity in our weddings are shown in full swing and has been captured aesthetically. We are done with first spell of the film and will be heading towards the second spell within a month.

Working with Rizvi was great fun as she is an actor herself, she knows the much needed space that a co-star requires. She is someone who knows how to bring out the best from its actors.

The best part  about ‘Senti Aur Mental’  was we rehearsed our scenes on actual location. Being a theater artist it gives you a big sigh of relief if you get time to prepare.

Apart from Yasira and Zain the film also stars Faryaal Mehmood and Jinaan Hussain. 

Senti Aur Mental release in slated to release in 2019.