The versatile actress Yasra Rizvi has proved her acting prowess umpteen times with her power-packed performances in several drama serials including Mann Ka Moti, Choti, Malika-e-Aaliya and Sawaab. The actress has now donned a writer’s cap for her upcoming drama serial, Ustani Ji.

Produced and directed by Angeline Malik, the one-of-its-own kind television series, ‘Ustani Ji’, will air on Hum TV soon.

Yasra Rizvi in an exclusive rendezvous with CelebDhaba shared her experience as a writer.

“It is a television series just like ‘Kitne Girhen Baqi Hai‘ where I am playing the title role of Ustani Ji. The series mainly revolves around a psychology teacher in her early thirties who comes out as a ‘solution provider’ in her neighbourhood,” the actress said.

Yasra also added that her character would help viewers to see the true problems of the society.

“Ustani Ji is strong and confident and she considers others problems as her own and tries to solve them rather than running away from it,” she further added.

The drama also features Hammad Farooqui and Ghana Ali in the pivotal roles. As each episode will feature a new story so some renowned actors will also make guest appearances in it including Minal Khan, Aly Khan, Mehmood, Saleem Miraj, Saman Ansari, Samina Ahmed, Farah Aijaaz Aslam  and Imran Aslam.

While talking about the director, Yasra Rizvi said that it was a nice experience working with Angeline Malik.

“I first discussed the idea with Angeline Malik who later took it forward and got in touch with Hum TV team. As I was writing the script and acting in it too so I got a chance to spend maximum time with Angeline – I really found her as a good director and she gave a lot of creative freedom to her team which allowed us to give our best,” Yasra stated.