YouTube creators studio

Youtube Creators Studio: First YouTube Space Launched In Dubai

Youtube world largest video creators platform a product of Google, There are lots of youtube video creators all over the world and youtube has offered to provide and facilitate their content creators to develop and products new videos via creators studio.

Youtube Space,  is the youtube official office or studio where content creators can join and create videos. the tenth in the world is dedicated to YouTube content creators who will have free access to audio, visual and editing equipment in addition to training programmes, workshops, and courses. More than 440,000 creators have visited nine YouTube Spaces around the world since the Spaces programme first launched in 2012.

Youtube The Space Programme for Creators

Youtube the Spaces programme is designed to support creators of all levels. Channels with 1,000 subscribers or more will have access to the workshops and events held at the Space, however initial stage new YouTubers can learn and develop more their skills while creators with more than 10,000 subscribers will be able to access the production facilities which include two sound-proof studios, editing equipment, camera, and microphones, as well as a control room.Workshops will be geared to meet the different needs of creators with themes and topics ranging from creative development and production to business development and how to engage with advertisers. All creators will be required to sit through day-long workshop before accessing any of Space’s services.

Production studio will be for big YouTubers who have 10,000 subscribers & Production slots will be limited in the first two months after the launch until after Ramadan when eligible creators will be able to book their production sessions through the online booking form.