YouTube now tells you what’s trendingin in Category in news, movies, music, gaming, and live streaming


Youtube has changed its main page which shows trending videos country wise but now its more changed into category wise as well. Overall trending videos on YouTube consisted of Google’s video celebrating Mr. Rogers, NFL highlights, and a clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Each trending category page served up something completely different.

The gaming trending page served up lots of Fortnite gameplay videos. The movies page had recent trailers. The news trending page doubled down on what YouTube said yesterday about focusing on “news sources when people enter news-seeking queries.” It showed recent videos from CNN, CBS News, and TIME.

The live trending page seemed to be the only place where less known YouTube channels could break through. It displayed a number of “chill music” streams, a live political show from Randi Rhodes, and a stream from a conservative channel talking about the QAnon conspiracy theory.