YouTube Update

YouTube removed 8.3 million videos in the last quarter of previous Year

Youtube world largest online streaming platform as youtube is changing is policy day by day due stable his prime advertisers on youtube. Right now YouTube says it removed 8.3m videos for breaching its community guidelines between October and December last year as it tries to address criticism of violent and offensive content on its site.

The company’s first quarterly moderation report has been published amid growing complaints about its perceived inability to tackle extremist and abusive content.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is one of several internet companies under pressure from national governments and the EU to remove such videos.It said the report was an important first step in dealing with the problem and would “help show the progress we’re making in removing violative content from our platform”.

YouTube said 6.7m was first flagged for review by machines rather than humans; of those, 76% were removed before they received a single view.

Removing videos make its wroth strong on timely actions save youtube from spamming and malpractice.