Youtube shares New Ways to Monetize for Content Creators

This is digital era and social platforms are actively working for next level digital marketing strategies Youtube has taking steps to give creators more opportunities to monetize their content on the platform by bringing channel memberships to more channels and launching partnerships related to direct merchandise sales. In a keynote address delivered at vidcon conference, YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal mohan discussed several new features that will help creators reel in more money outside of ad revenue.


ANew Monetization Features for Creators on Youtube

The new features were announced by Neal Mohan, YouTube’s CEO, at VidCon Conference.

  • $4.99 Channel Membership is the first of the new features, and as the name suggests, it lets creators define exclusive content for its audience. Users who interact with the channel can now get access to the exclusive content such as emojis, stickers, or extra videos that belong to the creator by paying a fee. It entirely depends on the channel owners to determine what kind of premium content they want to offer.
  • A Merchandise Shelf can now be placed underneath the videos from where users can view a content creator’s merchandise without having to dig for a link through the description. Most YouTubers have had to add a storefront link in the video descriptions before, the new feature solves this problem by viewing merchandise along with its pictures and prices so that users can check it out without having to leave the page.
  • Premieres is the third new feature and works quite similar to Facebook’s online game show, or gamification, feature. YouTuber’s can now show off a pre-recorded video in a live stream for promotional purposes. Moreover, users can also interact with the video while it live streams – also, users can pay money to have their comment appear on the top. Just another way to generate cash without having to rely on the advertisement.