YouTube’s Play Video on Picture mode is live for all US Android users

Youtube has started a new feature for its youtube users on Android devices youtube has confirmed that picture-in-picture mode — previously it was  a paid-only feature but it has now rolled out to all U.S. YouTube users on Android on supported devices  The feature, Picture-in-picture mode, as you likely understand by its name, allows you to continue watching a video in a small window as you continue to browse YouTube, or even you can use other apps. which works on Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher, had been slowly rolling out to non- Premium subscribers since this April we understand, and the full rollout completed on Monday.

 YouTube’s Play Video

Play youtube videos in the background

Android mobiles with the latest updated user can have this feature in their smartphones.

They suspected that this had been a gradual launch, but didn’t confirm the status with YouTube directly. As per reference of website XDA Developers was the first to spot the expansion, noting earlier this week that it seemed as if picture-in-picture mode had suddenly been turned on for several more YouTube users.