Zara Abid

Zara Abid ready to take over Lollywood in 2019!

Lollywood has always been a steady stream of amazing talent. With the passage of time new faces and fresh ideas are facing the movie world. 2019 is marking the debut of aspiring actors that will take Lollywood to the next level on the world stage.

After making a splash with her work for the fashion industry Zara Abid is all set to make her Lollywood debut with ‘Chaudhry’

Zara Abid

Speaking to Celebdhaba, Zara said: I think it is great that so many television actors and models are entering Lollywood. Ultimately what matters is whether you are talented or not, the medium doesn’t matter. Therefore yes, I am very happy that this migration is happening. It just makes me so proud.

Zara further added, she wants to remain versatile as a performer rather than being recognized by one genre. I have always been very fond of acting and dancing. It all happened all of a sudden when I got a call from the makers offering me the part. It was an instant yes for me after the first narration.

As the name defines the film itself ‘Chaudhry’ is a male domain. Although my character is not the regular one which every debutante actress is being offered. It’s a meaty role with ample margin to perform. I am really excited about being accepted by the audience.

Chaudhry is written by Zeeshan Junaid and directed by Azeem Sajjad. We are all set to begin the shoot by the end of this year. The film will be shot in Pakistan.

Zara concluded, the Pakistani film industry is on the revival phase, therefore I feel luck is favoring me at the right time considering the fact I am getting an entry into the film industry.

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